Dr Katarzyna Simnonienko
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Dr Katarzyna Simnonienko (eng)

Katarzyna Simonienko, MD, PhD – psychiatrist, guide of forest baths, guide of the Białowieża National Park. In 2008, she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Bialystok, in 2015 she gained a specialization in psychiatry, and in 2017 she defended her doctoral thesis. Her professional experience includes work in a psychiatric hospital in Choroszcz, research and teaching at the Department of Psychiatry of the Medical University in Białystok and in outpatient counseling – mainly in the treatment of anxiety and depression disorders. Founder of the Forest Therapy Center, since 2018 she conducts classes in forest therapy and forest baths in the Białowieża Forest, as well as classes and lectures on this subject. Author of the books “Lasoterapia”, “Nerves in the forest” and the scientific monograph “Forest therapy in research and practice”.

Nature is our original and natural home. We belong to it and our health depends on it. Medicine and life sciences are increasingly looking for common solutions to achieve our physical and mental well-being and care for the environment – because the benefits should be mutual. We are part of natural ecosystems and by caring for them, we take care of ourselves. Both ecopsychiatry and the so-called green prescribtions are a great addition to the existing methods of prevention and rehabilitation.

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