About the project

The website is devoted to the project “Eden city – how to increase urban biodiversity and people’s well-being”. For the implementation of this project, the Scientific Circle of Biologists received funding within the framework of the competition: “Student science circles create innovation” organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.


The aim of the website is to popularize knowledge about the biology and ecology of plants forming flower meadows in cities, visitors and inhabitants of these meadows, as well as the aspects of the impact of urban greenery on people’s well-being, including data obtained during the project. Research shows that city dwellers increasingly feel the inability to experience nature closely. This has a negative impact on their well-being, motivation and willingness to take action. Appropriate design of urban green areas to favor both biodiversity and residents has become a huge challenge for public administration and scientists. The trends of recent years promote the creation of the so-called flower meadows, which are designed to please the eyes of city dwellers, increase biodiversity, have a positive effect on bioretention and reduce air pollution.


Recognizing the prospects for the topic of flower meadows, we started a project whose impact is to be at least national. We pay attention to the interdisciplinarity and holistic nature of our activities. We work with specialists in various fields: entomology, ornithology, phytosociology, ecology, psychology and mathematics, which guarantees a high level of research and an innovative approach to the subject. We want to meet society and take into account their needs.

And all this... to make life better for all city dwellers 😉

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