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Urszula Jabłońska (eng)

Second degree student in the fields of environmental biology and biology with pedagogical preparation at the University of Białystok. For four years, she has been closely associated with the Scientific Circle of Biologists, in which she is the President and Coordinator of the Entomological Section. Boundlessly involved in the “Eden city” project, in the implementation of which she puts all herself.

A biology enthusiast whose scientific activity focuses on the subject of insects and spiders. Privately, a lover of literature and sports. Sometimes she puts her own thoughts on paper and captures the world in photographs.


When asked if I can imagine my life without biology, my answer is definitely no! I want to connect my future with this field and gradually broaden the horizons of knowledge. I love to develop, I never want to stop learning, and I walk through my life with the words of St. John Paul II: Require of yourself, even if others do not require of you”.

Urszula Jabłonowska
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